Vintage Squirrel Playground Spring Swing Ride JE Burke Co. USA

Older Squirrel playground swing ride. This also has a mounting area for a spring which hasn't been drilled. Your getting it in as found unrestored condition. Not much paint left on it. The cast aluminum body has some corrosion but will clean up. MFG by JE Burke Co. USA. Approx. 18 x 27. I'm selling it for ornamental purposes only, the swing mounts have ware so do not sit on it or use as a swing.


Cute! Found at a local flea market .. this is simply adorable! Its a heavy plastic, it has no cracks, its heavier than plain plastic, like a component type. In fact, I thought it was fiberglass but I can't say for sure. It has a few wrinkles, not cracks. Refer to pics for best details. 34 long x 16 high x 16 wide APPROX

Je Burk Co Aluminum Head Horse Swing Vintage Ride Playground Swingset

This is an old horse swing ride. The head is aluminum and in great shape. Seat is plastic. Someone painted the sets but the paint will scrape off real easy with a putty knife. Would look awesome re painted. Hangs from 3 chains. 2 in the front and 1 on the rear. Chains not included. The head removes with one bolt which I will do to save on shipping.

Vintage Rocket Missile Playground Swing Ride Carousel Gametime

Vintage rocket / missile playground ride on. Cast aluminum construction steel swing parts. Your getting it in as found unrestored condition, not a dealers worked over unit so you can see what your starting with not what there hiding. The body is in good shape just dirty. The paint is mostly faded & worn off. The swing mounting bar is steel tube, it's rusty & has a 1" crack by one mount. It ...  More

Vintage Gametime Playground Horse Tetter Totter Swing Ride

Old playground swing ride. The horses heads & seat are aluminum mounting on a steel pole. Approx. 60" long. The seats will be shipped removed for there protection. Your getting it in as found unrestored condition. What you see in the pictures is everything I have for it. Looks like it's made to be a swing but a mount could be made for a teeter totter. It looks like there might be a crack by th ...  More

Vintage Worm Playground Spring Ride Swing JE Burke USA

Happy worm maggot cast aluminum swing or spring ride. Your getting it in as found unrestored condition. Approx. 20 high x 30 long. No spring but is set up as a swing. MFG by JE Burke CO., Fond Du Lac, WIS. Paint is ruff, pealing, worn & scratched. Aluminum body is good condition. This is sold for ornamental purposes only & should not be rode on. Swing mounting points are worn, see pictures ...  More

Vintage Playground Horse Swing Ride Carousel

Vintage Horse Playground Spring Rode Swing JE Burke USA Aluminum