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Red Fire Truck engine no.9 Pedal Drive Car Children Toy Ride On Engine

From my Grandchildrens outgrown toys measures about 45x24 inches pedals fine

Hamilton peddle Jeep car fire red tow truck kids car

Here we have what I think is a 1958-1962 Hamilton Jeep peddle car. It is in fair shape, needs to be restored , and is missing some parts, but does operate. I havent been able to figure out if it was a fire truck,or tow truck or something else. Looks to have been red originally, which suggests fire truck,as do the rear side bars. The three holes,etc at the rear may have been for a tow boom,so not s ...  More

NEW replacement Instep Firetruck Pedal Car truck Murrary dipside sadface frame

This listing is for a replacement pedal car firetruck body with windshield and tailgate for your restoration project. This is a new replacement part, and the parts from most older Murray, Gearbox, and InStep are interchangeable. It is possible to adapt these parts to some older restoration pedal car projects or custom builds. It is 14 1/2 inches wide where the front end bolts to the sides of the b ...  More

Kids Red Pedal Car Fireman Fire Truck Ladder Vintage Look Old Fashioned Toy New

Vintage Look Kids Pedal Car Red Fireman Fire Truck Ladder Vintage Look Old Fashioned Retro Classic Toy Engines For Toddlers Product Description Parents and grandparents - Christmas isn't far away! Modeled after a 1950s style fire engine, and painted a bright fire engine red, the InStep Fire Truck comes complete with removable ladders, a shiny chrome steering wheel, and even a working pull style be ...  More

InSTEP Pedal Fire Trucks

InSTEP Pedal Fire Trucks Availability:In Stock Whimsical yet functional memorabilia, InSTEP pedal cars are finely crafted from steel for a safe, fun ride - anywhere, anytime. Great as a gift or a decorative addition to a room, these classic pedal cars are fun for kids of all ages. Features: Authentic detailing - Brings back memories of old times Adjustable pedal drive - Fits a wide size range of c ...  More

rare odd unusual 37 39 garton pedal fire truck heart rendering story all orig

all original original paint1937 39 garton pedal fire truck with great provenance one of akind news paperreads brandon scott werstler 21 months rings the bell with his father ronald on the antique fire truck that wasgivin him monday by owners of darryls resturant the car which was displayed as awall hanging at the mobile resturaunt caught brandons attention prompting his father to ask the manager i ...  More

Vintage Rare American Pedal Car Fire Truck All Original Ball Bearing Kiddie Car

NEW Instep Firetruck Chassis Assembly Pedal Car Murrary dipside frame steering

Vintage Murray Pedal Car Fire Truck Fire Chief

Fao Schwarz Big Red Fire Truck Pedal Car 5F5F6B3 New In Box

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